sslFirst Unitarian Church is a liberal, progressive religious community. We come together for support in living lives of integrity, service and love. Together we are building a beloved community that affirms a free and responsible search for truth and meaning and supports our spiritual growth. We provide a safe and caring environment for adults, children and youth to come and learn about themselves and the world around us. We provide a community that encourages outreach, growth and deep knowing. For we all yearn, as author and educator Parker Palmer says, “to know as we are known.” Read more…

Happy New Year! In 2018, we will be continuing our “Soul Matters” program, which has been working well so far. I encourage people to take home the packets, which can be found in the parish hall, to engage with the monthly topic and inspire conversation. You can visit the Facebook page here to find out more and engage with other congregations who are following the program: https://www.facebook.com/soulmatterssharingcircle/

Upcoming Soul Matters Themes:

January: Intention       February: Perseverance       March: Balance      

April: Emergence       May: Creativity       June: Blessing     


Sunday Service Information

 Join us for Worship and Way Cool Sunday School at 11 am weekly. ALL ARE WELCOME!!!

Feb. 18, 2018- Karen Andersen and an array of speakers will lead us in a celebration of our own UU holiday…Luminescence! This is a time for recognition, reflection, and renewal. Join us for this fun and meaningful INTERGENERATIONAL service this week.

Church Office Hours

Monday-Thursday, 10am-1pm (except holidays)

Minister’s Hours
Tue, Wed & Thu 10-1
or by appointment at your convenience.
You may call the office (508-994-9686) or call
Karen Andersen at 508-441-9344
or email her at kandersenuunb@gmail.com

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