sslFirst Unitarian Church is a liberal, progressive religious community. We come together for support in living lives of integrity, service and love. Together we are building a beloved community that affirms a free and responsible search for truth and meaning and supports our spiritual growth. We provide a safe and caring environment for adults, children and youth to come and learn about themselves and the world around us. We provide a community that encourages outreach, growth and deep knowing. For we all yearn, as author and educator Parker Palmer says, “to know as we are known.” Read more…

 Sunday Service Information

Please join us every Sunday at 11am in our beautiful Sanctuary for Worship Service, followed by coffee and fellowship in our Parish House.  ALL are welcome!

SUMMER SERVICES begin July 10th. The theme for this year’s summer services is “Tell Me a Story,” and will feature stories from a number of interesting people. Be on the lookout for the list of storytellers in the next few weeks. If you plan to come this summer, please consider signing up to be an usher/greeter or on kitchen duty for coffee hour. There will be a sign-up sheet in the parish hall.

7/10- Maggi Peirce-“The Hinge” 

The first service of the summer season is a true life story by Maggi Peirce, who during her many years in the folk circuit received The Eisteddfod Award from SMU (now UMD) in 1974 for work in this area, was the first storyteller to receive the Mass. Art & Humanities award in the 1980s, the Circle of Excellence from the National Storytelling in Tennessee in 1997 and the crowning Lifetime Achievement award in 2001.  She also compiled two song books for Tryworks Coffee House and has written four books.  Since all of this skullduggery she has been working hard to dwindle into a kindly old lady and it is not working!!


7/17- Carl Simmons- “The Archaeological Excavation of the Daniel Ricketson Shanty Site at Brooklawn Park”

Carl Simmons is a local artist and historian.  He has been researching Daniel Ricketson and the history of Brooklawn Park for the past five years.  His hope is to reconnect present-day Brooklawn with its historically significant past through preservation, education, and artistic interpretation.


7/24- Anthony Beal – “The Tale of Rhiannon Queen of the Fey”

An ancient pagan Welsh story of a Goddess/Fairy Queen who falls in love with a mortal man (much to the displeasure of her father). In her pursuit of true love Rhiannon finds that the mortal world is cold and unforgiving. Framed for a crime she did not commit and punished and humiliated by those she loves Rhiannon discovers it his far better, and more important, to live life independently and of her own accord.

Anthony Beal is a Massachusetts local, currently studying textile art and design at Umass Dartmouth. He came upon his love of storytelling indirectly and abruptly one summer as a young teenager at a performing arts camp. Since his first experience of storytelling Anthony has found a profound love of researching old cultures and their mythologies so he may tell their stories in the present day. Storytelling to him is more of a spiritual practice than a hobby; he seeks to use stories as a tool to spiritually heal, empower, and spread compassion.


7/31- Michele Richardson- “Gran’s Birthday”


8/7- Tim Maker- “On Foot in the Middle Hills”

Tim Maker went to Nepal in 1968 with the Peace Corps and stayed five years. This spring he went back (for the third time) to spend two months in Gorkha district, the epicenter of the huge earthquake that struck Nepal in April of 2015. He worked as a volunteer for a non-profit that is building schools to replace those that collapsed in the earthquake. He will tell the story of his trip and show pictures, through the lenses of spiritual journey and human connection.

Tim Maker grew up in Springfield, Vermont, and the suburbs of Detroit. He is connected to New Bedford through his brother Bob Maker, who has lived most of his adult life in the city. After graduating from engineering school in 1968 Tim’s life took a turn. He went to Nepal in the Peace Corps and ended up living and working there for five years. He has lived for the last 33 years in Calais, Vermont, with his wife Becky and his son’s family – a three-generation Vermont household like the one he and Bob grew up in. Tim’s life work has been in energy, specifically biomass heating plants for schools and campuses.


8/14- Dave Kane- “41 Signs of Hope”

The father of Nicholas O’Neill, the youngest victim of the fourth largest nightclub fire in U.S. history, Dave shares fascinating stories and intriguing evidence that life never ends. After receiving a barrage of signs, including vocal messages from Nicky, Dave is convinced that he has not “lost” his son. Instead he has been given the priceless gift of a loving, eternal connection with his boy. After experiencing Dave’s uplifting presentation and seeing his evidence, you too will be assured that your loved ones who have passed are still with you.


8/21- Gilly Cabral-TBA


PLEASE NOTE:The church will be CLOSED on 8/28 and 9/4

When we return to regular worship services in the fall, our first celebration is the Water Ingathering ceremony which will be held on 9/11. Please keep this in mind as you enjoy your summer activities. Whether you go to the beach, camp along a river, play in a pool or even water your garden, try to collect a small amount of water from whatever those summer activities happen to be. Then bring that water with you to church in September to join together with the water from the activities of your fellow congregants in our annual “welcome-back” service.



The Church Office is now on “Summer Hours”. During the Summer, the office is only staffed for a few hours each week and with no set times. Please call ahead or email the office if you need to come to the church during the summer to make certain there will be someone here to greet you.

For the month of July, Karen will have office hours by appointment only. For the month of August, Karen will be available for pastoral emergencies only.

You may call the office (508-994-9686) or call
Karen Andersen at 508-441-9344
or email her at kandersenuunb@yahoo.com

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