Minister & Staff

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Our Staff:

Karen AndersenKaren Andersen, Coordinator of Ministerial Services
Karen Andersen has been the Chair of Religious Services, a teacher in the Religious Education program, and an active member of this congregation for many years. She is an M.Div. student at Cherry Hill Seminary, with a focus on Public Ministry and Advocacy. She has a particular interest in ways to open communications and create empathy and understanding between people on opposite sides of an issue. She is a Priestess, a painter, a poet, a singer/songwriter, a lover of Nature in its myriad forms, and an all-around Handy Woman.





Yasmin Flefleh-Vincent, Director of Religious Education
Our extraordinarily creative DRE began here in September of 2011 and immediately created the Way Cool Sunday School, which is exactly as it’s name implies…WAY COOL! Our Sunday School kids can’t wait to get in and start working on their next project! Yasmin always has something fun and interesting for them. With a background in teaching and an amazingly positive attitude, Yasmin has transformed our Sunday School into a place where kids love to learn!




RandyRandy Fayan, Music Director
Randy, a graduate of Brown University, is our amazingly versatile, irrepressible, enthusiastic organist-pianist. He studied classical piano under Linda Jorle and Diana Smirnov and studied organ under Donald Dame. His keyboard work is bright and spirited, and wonderfully varied from classical to jazz, to folk, to modern. He has a background in choral accompaniment, and is also an accomplished performer on the accordion. Randy has a small Web site with recordings of some of his performances.




Church Administrator







VikkiVikki McMaster, Bookkeeper
Vikki is our phenomenal bookkeeper who keeps us all in line. She is a fantastic mom of two beautiful children and is very involved with her kids’ activities.  She is incredibly organized, which is good because she is also incredibly busy. We are very lucky to have her expertise and bubbly personality to brighten up the church office.







Anthony Gonsalves, Sexton
With a background in electrical and HVAC work, Tony Gonsalves works part-time as our sexton, overseeing the maintenance of our historic building. He also has a background in other building trades, computers, and industrial processes. His vast store of knowledge and abilities help keep the building and grounds in top operating condition. Besides all that, Tony is just a really nice person to have around.





Arthur Green, Sunday Sexton
Arthur Green is our friendly Sunday Sexton. With a background as a maintenance mechanic, he’s the one who’s responsible for opening up the building and making sure everything is ready for the weekly worship services. He also serves as sexton for occasional special events.




Social Justice Team—Rick Finneran
Welcoming Congregation—Bill Bennett & Niko Tarini
Garden—Nancy Crosby & Mary Rapoza
Women’s Alliance—Pam Sherman
House and Grounds—Richard Pline
Stewardship Team—Ned Lund, Treasurer
Endowment Com.—Carlton Dasent
Music Com.—Carol Kolek
Religious Education—See Yasmin